Title:  Fuel Quality Compliance Specialist

Category:  Corporate Office
Date:  Jul 18, 2024

Tulsa, OK, US

Primary Purpose of Job:
The Fuel Quality Compliance Specialist will play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and excellence of all QuikTrip's liquid fuel products. By minimizing unnecessary tasks and enhancing decision-making processes, this role brings commercial value to QuikTrip. Responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum of quality control measures, government compliance, technical expertise, and proactive problem-solving to maintain the Company's high standards and meet regulatory requirements. The aim is to reduce costly inefficiencies, streamline operations, and provide clear, actionable insights that drive value and efficiency, ultimately contributing to QuikTrip's success.


Major Functions:
Respond and resolve fuel quality issues arising from any liquid fuel sold or consumed within QuikTrip

  1. Respond promptly to fuel quality issues, providing solutions to correct problems and determining probable causes in a timely manner.
  2. Ensure proper documentation and communication is kept through the entirety of an event, including receiving remediation funds from responsible parties.
  3. Work with the QT Renewables team to be knowledgeable of all Bio and Renewable diesel blends and sourcing.
    1. Ensure blends are considered accordingly in fuel quality program.
    2. ASTM Review tickets with all suppliers and deliveries.
  4. Identify and address potential contaminants in fuel, such as water, micro-organisms, glycerin, gum formation, haze, thermal stability, and particulates before they escalate into customer problems. Work with Store Development on contaminate detection equipment.
  5. Utilize Warren Rodgers equipment and analysis.
  6. Work with store operations to review Customer reported claims.

Establish and Maintain Fuel Quality Program

  1. Work collaboratively with various teams including QT Environmental, QTF Supply, QTF Transportation, QT Air and QT Facility support to filter through data, prioritize tasks, and identify relevant quality information effectively to conduct a Fuel Quality Program at all new and existing QT sites.
  2. Ensuring accurate interpretation of results and the development of actionable plans to maintain or enhance fuel quality.
  3. For new stores, work with Fuel Contractors to ensure fuel quality prior to store opening.
  4. Work collaboratively within QT Fuels to provide expertise from a fuel quality perspective when reviewing potential new products or blends.
  5. Perform regular data analysis to identify trends such as gain/loss and reoccurring quality issues in order to establish proactive identification and mitigation.

Build and Maintain Industry Relationships

  1. Attend industry events, conferences, and seminars. Participate in forums and discussions to enhance professional expertise and stay up to date on industry standards and practices.
  2. Foster mutual learning and growth through sharing of best practices.
  3. Actively seek insights and industry trends, innovations, and best practices.
  4. Stay updated on the latest developments and advancements in the field.
  5. Apply new insights to improve processes, strategies, and outcomes within the organization.

Government Regulation Compliance

  1. Seek out and understand all Government requirements regarding fuel sales at the local and federal level for all current and upcoming QT sites.
  2. Develop and maintain database of local and federal government fuel regulations. Including but not limited to RFG, Conventional, RVP requirements, and octane restrictions.
  3. Develop and maintain a comprehensive database of store occurrences, causes, and resolutions for tracking and future reference.

Contribute to other departmental and interdepartmental projects as necessary. (5%)

  1. Adhoc analysis of market trends.
  2. Identify and implement process improvements.
  3. Other special projects as assigned.


Position in Organization:

      Reports to: Petroleum Transportation Manager



      Inside the Company: Store Teams, Division Personnel, Store Development, Corporate Accounting, governmental affairs, Legal, QT IT/Service center, all Petroleum personnel.
      Outside the Company: Petroleum contractors, Petroleum testing labs, Liquid fuel carriers, industry experts and peers in related fields.


Position Specifications:

Required Education: Four-year College Degree in relevant field or equivalent QT experience.
Desired Education: Four-year College Degree in Chemical Engineering Environmental Science, Petroleum Engineering, Chemistry
Required Experience3-5 years’ experience in a field relevant to Quality Control, Environmental Compliance, or Regulatory Affairs.
Desired Experience5-7 years’ experience in Quality Control in the Oil and Gas Industry, Environmental Compliance, Chemical Analysis and Testing, Petroleum Refining Operations, Regulatory Affairs in Energy Sector, or Laboratory Management in a Chemical or Environmental Lab.
Required Skills: Detail oriented, strong analytical capabilities, thorough at communicating and interpersonal skills, ability to work in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision. Advanced knowledge of personal computer applications, including Microsoft products.



Additional Criteria: This position is responsible for reacting and providing resolutions to issues that arise from any fuel quality concern. Due to the significant impact of fuel quality issues, this position requires the employee to be available by phone and email and have accessibility to calendar, contacts, and data while out of the office and on a 24/7 basis.


Starting Salary: $77,600 – $97,000

Nearest Major Market: Tulsa
Nearest Secondary Market: Oklahoma