Title:  Civil Project Manager II

Category:  Corporate Office
Date:  Mar 24, 2024

Tulsa, OK, US

Primary Purpose of Job:


Manage all aspects of Civil Engineering and Geotechnical Design of QuikTrip Sites by ensuring compliance with QuikTrip and industry Standards. Provide technical design solutions & expertise to internal and external customers for civil engineering and geotechnical development plans and cost projections while complying with federal, state, and local municipal requirements.


Maintain QuikTrip site development infrastructure standards (access, parking, visibility, signage, utilities, drainage, landscaping) and profitability. Provide technical interpretations for Real Estate, Construction, Facility Support and Design personnel.


Major functions:

Develop and manage the completion of preliminary & final civil engineering plans through outside consultants.

    1. Establish project direction with conceptual and preliminary plans.
    2. Provide conceptual, preliminary, and final plans and expertise to facilitate QuikTrip’s business and operational decisions.
    3. Utilize plans that meet with QuikTrip standards and comply with applicable municipal codes to permit and construct new stores and/or fuel / parking / building additions to existing stores.
    4. Produce plans to include comprehensive site-specific civil engineering and subsurface design to minimize cost and time through value engineering, taking into consideration Geotechnical and Environmental impacts associated with each site.
    5. Provide cost effective designs that enhance the customer experience on QuikTrip sites
  1. Expedite resolution of permitting issues through knowledge and use of standard QuikTrip design, civil engineering principles, and municipal codes.
  2. Work with contractors & consultants to resolve civil & geotechnical issues in partnership with QT Construction staff during construction of new stores
  3. Review prospective sites and provide engineering related implications to RE to facilitate contract negotiations, REA’s, and other applicable items.
  4. Partner with Facility Support on open store issues requiring civil or Geotechnical resolution
  5. Travel as necessary to established & remote markets to evaluate best practices pertaining to new store design & engineering.  Travel is required during each site’s development period, construction process and following each store’s opening
  • 25%


Create and maintain detailed preliminary and final cost estimates, internal approval packages and technical expertise necessary for QuikTrip to make business decisions during the store development & construction processes.

    1. Create and maintain detailed cost estimates and evaluate costs ensuring they support QuikTrip’s long term business plan.
    2. Coordinate with Environmental Project Manager to capture any environmental costs by facilitating Environmental/Geotechnical one-on-one meetings.
    3. Coordinate with Construction Supervisor, Construction Manager, and Pre-Construction Manager to capture construction concerns during each project’s development and permitting process
    4.  Facilitate Environmental/Geotechnical Construction contingency meetings as needed.
    5. Coordinate with QuikTrip Design, Fuel, Marketing, Operations, and IT departments to capture a-typical or non-standard site items that may increase costs or negatively impact customers, employees and vendors.
    6. Attend and provide necessary documents and technical expertise for all development and construction meetings with the appropriate real estate and construction employees. 
    7. Review prospective sites and provide engineering related cost implications to RE to facilitate contract negotiations, REA’s, and other applicable items.
  • 20%


Directly Manage and Maintain Civil, Geotechnical, and Utility Exploration Consultants.

  1. Prepare and manage Professional Service Agreements.
  2. Evaluate quality of services and costs for Civil/Geotechnical Consultants and hire/terminate relationships as needed.
  3.  Provide continual feedback (verbal and written, as appropriate) to consultants to ensure that QuikTrip Standards are met. Negotiate and approve costs associated with QT provided Scope of Work and Change Orders.
  4. Provide QA/QC for Consultants work/product to ensure it meets QuikTrip Standards.
  5. Ensure professional services agreements and invoices are reviewed for accuracy and paid on time.
  • 15%


Manage the completion of the Geotechnical Engineering Report on all stores in the Civil Project Manager’s Markets. 

    1. Serve as QuikTrip’s subject matter expert working in conjunction with the Geotechnical Consultant
    2. Review Geotech reports to ensure recommendations are in line with QuikTrip Standards.
    3. Provide cost effective design alternatives based on impactful Geotechnical and or Environmental findings
    4. Provide & explain extraordinary costs related to geotechnical issues
    5. Coordinate with Environmental and Construction for One-on-One and Contingency Meetings to ensure all Geotechnical and Environmental issues are identified for the cost estimate.
    6. Submit Geotech reports, recommendations, and project specific geotechnical information to Construction, Engineering and Real Estate staff.
  • 15%

Determine and execute Engineering & Design resolutions on open store issues as reported by Operations, Facility Support, or SDPMO.

  1. Work directly with the Engineering Manager, Operations, Facility Support, SDPMO, Projects Group, and Construction to determine costs, timelines, and implement field changes based on recommended engineering and design resolutions – including but not limited to:
  2. Research and investigate each store issue that is reported to Engineering.
  3. Coordinate with Operations, Facility support, Construction, and/or Project Group to develop a resolution that meets the needs of the customer.
  4. Provide cost estimates and timelines by working with construction and projects group.
  5. Keep up-to-date reporting by entering all project status updates into the Engineering Communication Log.
  1. Utilize the Request for Information (RFI) process with QT Construction Managers, External Engineering & Architectural Consultants, and General Contractors to resolve Engineering & Design issues during construction
  • 10%


Evaluate and Assess QuikTrip Risk & Liability and Regulatory Interactions.

a.   Assess short term and long term risk and liability for QuikTrip.

b.   Utilize QuikTrip processes and procedures to discuss and educate all internal and external team members on risk and liability for QuikTrip to assist in making business decisions.

c.   During the QA/QC process, ensure that all work products, designs, contracts, etc., meet all QuikTrip standards and regularity requirements toward minimizing risks/liability for QuikTrip.

  1. Interpret regulatory requirements and all other applicable codes and regulations to provide solutions per QuikTrip Standards.
  2. Ensure communication with Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), regulators, and professionals of record in a timely manner. 
  3. Utilize QuikTrip’s processes and procedures to modify QuikTrip documentation to reflect current regulatory standards.
  4. Maintain records on all facilities to ensure proof of compliance to local, state, federal regulations, and QuikTrip Standards.
  5. Utilize QuikTrip processes and procedures to train and educate key internal and external team members on ramifications of code/regulatory interpretations.  Regulatory review regulatory requirements and update QuikTrip documentation as needed.
  6. Attend meetings with Municipalities and other external parties as needed for engineering related issues.
  • 5%


Collaborate with other QuikTrip Departments to improve QuikTrip Civil Standards

  1. Support special projects by providing solutions to design issues at existing stores.
  2. Partner with Facility Support regarding civil design issues/requests.
  3. Incorporate Construction Management Changes (CMC) into civil prototypes and standards.
  4. Research and evaluate new design options including new materials, products and techniques.
  5. Evaluate all design issues from the departments and incorporate all changes and corrections to the QuikTrip Design Manual; providing quarterly updates of the same
  • 5%


Maintain QuikTrip development documents as determined by QuikTrip & industry standards.

  1. Maintain drafting & design documents – utilizing CAD file management software in compliance with QuikTrip’s standards for tolerance, clarity, and aesthetics (best practices).
  2. Manage Quality Control (QC) throughout drafting & design projects, as the design lead and through peer reviews.
  3. Manage all file, reports, cost estimates, and design documents per QuikTrip’s file naming & retention policy to ensure accurate & timely access by applicable QuikTrip employees.
  4. Follow naming convention guidelines and use of metadata as established within QuikTrip’s templates, prototypes, and baseline documents – for the creation of new drafting & design documents.
  5. Manage, evaluate, and communicate all civil prototype changes for all divisions and the QuikTrip Design Manual.
  • 5%


Position in Organization


Reports to: Engineering Manager

Directly supervises: Civil and Geotechnical Engineering Consultants

Indirectly supervises: Civil Designers, and QuikTrip’s external Environmental Consultants, Architectural Consultants, Surveyors, and General Contractors




Inside the Company: Store Development, Accounting, General Counsel, Marketing and Operations personnel

Outside the Company: Civil Engineering Consultants, Geotechnical Consultants, Architects, Land Surveyors, Government Officials & Employees, and Equipment Suppliers & Installers


Position Specifications

The required specifications (education, experience, and skills) are those that the employee must have to hold the position.  Applicants applying for this position must possess the required specifications in order to be considered for the job. The desired specifications are those that are not required for the employee to hold the position but the employee should try to obtain the desired education, experience, and/or skills to be effective and successful in the position.


Required education:

Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or similar accredited academic program or equivalent QuikTrip experience. Seven years of Engineering Design, Cost Analysis, Risk Analysis, and Project Management (or equivalent QuikTrip experience). Working knowledge of Geotechnical Engineering as it relates to site development. Proficient use of MS Office, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Strong oral and written communication skills, detail oriented and the ability to be self-motivated.


Additional criteria

Employee must sign a Proprietary Information Agreement on an annual basis.


This position requires the employee to be available by phone and/or email and/or have accessibility to calendar, contacts and data while out of the office.


Starting Salary: $100,300-$125,400



Inside the Company:    

Nearest Major Market: Tulsa
Nearest Secondary Market: Oklahoma