Title:  Construction Manager II (DFW/Houston)

Category:  Corporate Office
Date:  Jul 24, 2024

DFW/Houston, TX, US

Primary Purpose of Job:
Responsible for all aspects of construction of new QuikTrip stores, gasoline additions/remodels, other major capital projects on existing stores, and QuikTrip Facility Projects. Ensure that these projects are completed within the most realistically aggressive time frame, in adherence to all company plans, standards and specifications, for the lowest possible cost.


Location: Fully Onsite


Major Functions:
Directly manage and ensure general and sub-contractor compliance with established standards for time, cost and quality on QuikTrip construction projects. 40%

  1. Depending on size and complexity of scope, expected to manage 4-6 individual Construction Projects at any one time.
  2. Ensure general contractors have and are following the most current set of construction plans. Responsible for the implementation of Addenda issued by Change Management Committee
  3. Frequent visits to the job sites to ensure QuikTrip quality expectations are met.
  4. Communicate with the job Superintendent and GC’s Project Manager to ensure the project schedule is being met.
  5. Partner with internal QuikTrip departments when issues arise to ensure impact to time, quality, and cost are mitigated.
  6. Coordinate with and provide oversight for all contracted 3rd party entities involved in the construction process.


Provide oversight to the ordering and delivery process for QuikTrip provided equipment for construction projects. 15%

  1. Review the equipment order with the General Contractor during weekly site visits.
  2. Facilitate communication between the Equipment Coordinator and General Contractor for changes to delivery dates and items received on the job site.
  3. Ensure proper documentation and assign responsibility for lost or damaged QuikTrip provided equipment.
  4. Responsible for coordinating payment of monies to QuikTrip from General Contractor from lost or damaged items.


Responsible for project costs throughout the duration of the construction project. Where change orders occur, analyze and validate these costs to ensure costs are in line with fair market pricing. Responsible for close out of each project and explanation of job costs associate with each project. 15%

  1. Review change order documentation to ensure QuikTrip pays the best value, in accordance with original bid pricing.
  2. Manage CIP and Project Completion Review Process, to ensure all costs are explained and the project is closed out within QuikTrip policy.


Provide support and feedback to the Real Estate and Design staff with regards to construction means and methods and in finding the best solutions for constructability issues with regards to time, quality, and cost during project reviews. 5%

  1. Attend final project reviews and provide comments on constructability, value engineering and cost concerns.
  2. As requested, provide Design and/or Real Estate with unit costs or quotes, in conjunction with the Construction Bid Specialist.
  3. Assist Real Estate staff on existing utility relocations to minimize additional costs and delays after construction begins.


Provide oversight to the Construction Bid Specialist to facilitate accurate and fair bid documents and phasing plans and manage the bid process with the General Contractor and ensure bid practices are competitive and fair to all bidders. Review and approve project specific job cost bid information prepared by the Construction Bid Specialist and ensure that all costs associated with the project are captured and communicated in the Corporate Bid Approval Meeting. 5%

  1. Attend pre-bid meeting with Real Estate, Engineering, Environmental, and the Bid Specialist to determine bid strategy and ensure that all pertinent information is communicated clearly and completely for transfer to the General Contractors.
  2. Partner with Construction Bid Specialist to provide an accurate bid letter that ensures scope of work and all pertinent unit costs are covered.
  3. Review and clarify the bids as needed, adhering to established bid policies, to fully validate and understand costs and ensure that QuikTrip is paying a fair market price.
  4. Review General Contractor’s sub bids in conjunction with the Bid Specialist to make sure project scope is covered and QuikTrip is getting the best value with regards to cost, quality and time.
  5. Review and approve General Contractor schedule to ensure that it is the most efficient overall timeframe for the specific site and project conditions.
  6. Work with the Civil Project Manager, Bid Specialist, and General Contractor to ensure that all possible known allowances are accounted for within the bid approval document.


Maintain professional relationships and timely communication with all QuikTrip personnel, General and sub-contractors, and government officials. Coordinate with internal departments and personnel at critical times during the project to facilitate a timely and high quality completion of the project. 10%

  1. Read and respond to email in a timely fashion.
  2. Understand what each department in store development does, what impact construction has on them and when to involve them in the project.


Manage all contract documents used for QuikTrip construction projects including the general and sub-contractor contracts, lien releases, insurance certifications and schedule of values. Approve contractor and supplier invoices for payment and ensure job costs are paid to the appropriate cost codes. 5%

  1. Approve pay applications in Projectmates within the timeframe specified by QuikTrip policy.
  2. Ensure all necessary documentation is in order including appropriate lien waivers on all pay applications.
  3. Confirm invoiced work is reflective of work completed on all pay applications.


Maintain all electronic administrative documentation related to QuikTrip construction projects in the project management electronic software and complete all administrative duties timely. 5%

  1. Follow up daily to see that the General Contractor has entered daily field reports and site pictures.
  2. Ensure project specific action items list is up to date.
  3. Ensure submittals and RFI’s are complete and up to date.


Position in Organization:

Reports to: Construction Supervisor
Directly Supervises: General contractors, sub-contractors and 3rd party testing companies
Indirectly Supervises: Engineers, architects, land surveyors



Inside the Company: Store Development personnel, Store Operations staff, Marketing Department personnel, Sales Department personnel, IT Staff
Outside the Company: Engineers, architects, contractors, sub-contractors, utility companies, governmental officials, and 3rd party consultants.


Position Specifications:

Required Education: Four-Year College degree in construction management or related field, or equivalent experience in construction project management or related field.
Desired Education: Degree in construction.
Required Experience: Minimum five years’ experience in commercial construction project management or equivalent QT experience to include at least 3 years in project management.
Desired Experience: Five years construction experience with gas installations and two years management or supervisory experience.
Required Skills: Ability to interpret construction drawings and estimate costs; personal computer skills; ability to supervise contractors; excellent driving record; critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Additional Criteria: This position requires the employee to be available by phone and/or email and/or have accessibility to calendar, contacts and data while out of the office.


Starting Salary: $103,300-$142,100

Nearest Major Market: Houston